Comprehensive Guide for Donjoy Knee Braces

DonJoy Knee Braces

Last updated: 10th March, 2020  1)  What is Donjoy Company DonJoy® is a leading pioneer in the field of orthotics. The company was established initially in 1978 and was founded by Mark Nordquist and Ken Reed. They named the company DonJoy® after their wives Donna and Joy. Mark Nordquist was an offensive line captain in Philadelphia […]

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Gabapin NT – Composition, Uses, Side-Effects, Substitutes, Warnings

Gabapin NT

Last updated: 25th February, 2020  Table of content What is Gabapin NT?? Composition of Gabapin NT Tablet Gabapin NT- Mechanism of action Indications of Gabapin NT Tablet Side-effects of Gabapin NT Gabapin tablet – Precautions and How to use Dosage instruction about Gabapin NT Tablet Contraindications of Gabapin NT Tablet Drug interactions of Gabapin NT Tablet […]

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Knee Brace – Types, Uses, Precautions and Tips

Knee Brace

Last updated: 16th March, 2020  Knee pain is one of the common orthopedic issues many individuals suffer after a certain age. The main reasons are like age related degeneration of the knee joints which is known as arthritis in medical terminology. Knee pain may vary from one person to the other. Further arthritis may be of […]

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