Mosquito Nets – An excellent safety from Mosquito-borne diseases

As the season of rain arrives, it is very much expected that there will be a rise in the incidence of mosquito-borne diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya and Yellow Fever.

As per the latest report from the World Health Organization, India is still one among the top 15 countries that have a high incidence of Malaria. Similarly, Dengue and Chikungunya take a toll in terms of sickness and deaths reported every year.

Mosquito-borne Diseases in India

In our country, as all the numbers are not reported, it is difficult to ascertain how many real cases have occurred, but as per reported data, there is a significant increase. In particular, there is a steep increase in Dengue cases in states like Kerala, Karnataka. Reported numbers in Karnataka was 6083 cases in 2016, but in 2017, this number was 17844.

As we all know that prevention is always better than cure, and that’s what we are going to talk about in this article. In earlier years, almost every family was very comfortable using mosquito nets, but for not so good reasons, many families now don’t use mosquito nets.

Prevention Options

Instead, many prefer to use options like using products like All Out, Odomos which contain chemicals like Prallethrin and DEET. We will cover in our next article how one should use products like All Out, Good Night or other chemical-based products safely, but when there is an option to use something like a Mosquito net, then why not look at that option.

First, as we know, the chances of a mosquito bite are highest when we are not in motion, either sitting somewhere or sleeping. A good mosquito net can protect during the time when we are most vulnerable to a mosquito bite.

Even if you do not prefer to use a mosquito net for yourself, it can still be used for children and small babies to protect them from mosquito bites.

Tips to select Mosquito Net

Here are some tips on selecting the right kind of mosquito net, which meets the goals and also ensures that the sleeping place remains airy and well-ventilated.

  1. A white colored mosquito net, as opposed to a dark-colored net, can help spot any mosquito that may be inside the netted area.
  1. It is important to get a net that is of adequate size as per the bed and will not be touched by body movement while sleeping.
  1. Choose a net that is made of cotton preferably as opposed to a synthetic fiber like polyester, although a synthetic fiber may last longer. Some people report a feeling of suffocation that is more with synthetic fiber. Cotton net may also help in keeping things cool.
  1. If you are planning to use a mosquito net for the first time, you can start with something in mid-range so there is no compromise on quality and you can also assess if you like to sleep in the protection of a mosquito net. Some people are not comfortable sleeping inside a net either because it gives them a feeling of suffocation, or they cannot feel the direct fan on their body, so it may be worth to first check your experience with a cost-effective net.
  1. While buying a mosquito net from an online shop like Amazon or Flipkart, it is best to choose the Pay on Delivery option so you can check immediately when the product is delivered, if it meets your expectations. Unfortunately, a lot of online reviews are suffering from fake reviewer problem. When you buy online, even after reading the specifications, people are finding issues such as
  • The material of the mosquito net is not what they expected.
  • Size of the net was different than what they thought will fit on the bed. Sometime, the height may be low or width may not be sufficient.
  • Mosquito net color they saw in the image and see in the actual product is different and not to their liking.
  • Net is not as stiff as it is shown in the image.
  • Look of the net is not as good as they saw in the image.
  • The lining that is put on the different corners of the mosquito net is either low-quality or poor in
  • When people buy canopy like nets, sometimes they forget where the canopy will be tied to on the roof. If one tries to use a ceiling fan, then how do you run the fan?
  • There is damage to the stitching or the stitching is of very poor quality that looks like will come off very soon.
  • Sometimes, people find that the delivered net has holes in it, which makes it totally useless.

Benefits of Pay on Delivery for buying Mosquito Nets

It is all right to buy standard products like mobile phone and other standard products, but when one is purchasing a product like a mosquito net, it may be best to use the Cash on Delivery option so before payment, you can check that you are okay with the delivered material.

This approach will save you from the headache of returning the product if you are not satisfied with it in the very first impression. Sometimes people find it a long wait to return a product and get the refund back.

When you buy on Amazon like if you visit here through this link, you will find a filter option on the left saying Eligible for Pay on Delivery. If you select that, you will get all the options that will allow you to first check the product and then pay for it.

Mosquito Nets

We are not recommending any particular product as everyone has to choose according to their needs but a lot of choices are available can be seen available on Amazon or Flipkart.

In our next article on safety from Mosquito-borne diseases, we will cover other safety options like use of natural oils and other options to keep the mosquitoes away.




    Mosquito Nets – An excellent safety from Mosquito-borne diseases
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