What is HealthClues meant for?

Think of HealthClues as an experienced doctor whom you also happen to know as a close friend. Eventually, you may ask us anything related to your health that you would ask a trusted friend; but, to get started, we want to make available to you experienced surgeons in select specialties such as orthopedics, opthalmology, etc. You can reach out to them when you have a question or concern -- perhaps related to a specific surgery as a first, second or third opinion.

What are the advantages of contacting surgeons on HealthClues?

Several. First, before contacting the surgeon, our para-medical team works with you in preparing your medical case with clinical histories, relevant pictures, and medical reports. This ensures the surgeon has all relevant information regarding your medical case. We also help you craft the right questions relevant to your medical concerns. Second, once your medical case is ready for review, you have the option of selecting any one of our doctors around the world for an opinion, thus making global expertise truly available at your fingertips.

Can I solely rely on the opinion received from HealthClues?

No. Suppose you already have access to a doctor friend. Would you rely solely on the opinion of your friend? Probably not. Instead, you would probably combine the inputs from your doctor friend -- allowing you to be more informed -- and then visit your lead surgeon with the right questions. Many of your concerns would be answered and you would be better informed about possible post-surgery complications, among other topics. You will also benefit from multiple opinions regarding your case, supported with valid reasoning from experts. Sometimes, sharing these questions and information with your main doctor can also help him see other aspects of your medical case. It can't hurt.

Do I need to create an account on HealthClues to use your services?

No, which differentiates HealthClues from other similar services. Unless required, we do not ask our users to make any unreasonable effort in pursuing a second opinion. We certainly hope you do not have to utilize our services often, which is one of the reasons we do not require users to create an account. However, as HealthClues expands its long-term service offerings, we may ask the user to create an account in the future.

What information do I need to have to receive an opinion?

We have made the process of medical case preparation easy and flexible for our users. No longer do you have to fill out long forms asking every irrelevant detail, or uploading huge medical record files. Instead, our process entails having a para-medical team contact you within minutes of you submitting your contact information. We assign a para-medic familiar with the specialty you have chosen, who then records the necessary information relevant to your medical case. They will also help you understand which reports are necessary and make provisions to collect those from you.

How much time it takes to receive an opinion?

Once you submit your contact information, a para-medic relevant to the specialty you have chosen connects with you within minutes to begin the process of capturing information regarding your medical case. This part of the process usually does not take more than one day if the user has all the reports available. Once the medical case is submitted to the surgeon, it may take up to 2 days to review your case. Once the surgeon has made his recommendation, it will be made available to the user. Overall, the entire process should not take more than 2-3 days.

How do you collect the consulting fee for the selected surgeons?

Your assigned para-medic will discuss payment options to collect the consulting fee. We attempt to make it as convenient as possible offering multiple options such online payments, cheque, or cash.

What is the process to receive a refund of consulting fee?

If we fail to provide you with a medical opinion within five working days after preparing your medical case, we automatically offer you the choice of either selecting another doctor or receiving a full refund within three working days.