Facial Rejuvenation Facelift Surgery

Facial Rejuvenation Facelift Surgery

Getting older is inevitable, and so are the changes to our body that go with ageing. Those annoying wrinkles and lines on the face, sagging skin on the neck and arms, and other areas of the body that lose their shape over the years; what can we do about them?

The truth is that there is no way to stop the ageing process. It’s natural, it’s what happens, and we have to live with that. What we can do is slow it down and hide the effects. There are many treatments that can help deal with lines on the face and dark areas under the eyes, for example, but why would you opt to go all the way and have facelift surgery?

Despite the popular reaction, having a facelift is not as drastic a choice as it sounds. Nor is such a procedure restricted only to the rich and famous. Many everyday woman – and increasing numbers of men – are undergoing rejuvenation surgery to achieve a more youthful look. Is this something you may consider? Let’s look at facelift surgery in more detail.

What is a Facelift?

There are many different types of facelifts that usually concentrate on a certain feature. However, we want to talk about the rejuvenating surgical facelift that is popular with people who are experiencing the signs of ageing we most commonly see. These include hollow cheeks that lead to dark bags under the eye, plus wrinkles, crow’s feet and other unsightly results.

Then there’s the sagging skin on the neck and elsewhere. How does a facelift get rid of all these? The patient will be put under a general anaesthetic and incisions will be made in places that cannot be noticed afterwards. Reshaping of the cheek muscles will take place. Excess skin will be removed, and sutures will tighten the skin. This leads to a reduction in wrinkles, and smoother skin all-round.

The procedure will also help stimulate the production of collagen. This in turn aids the blood flow which will lead to rejuvenated and fresher skin that looks more youthful. The effects of a facelift of this type can last many years, and leave the patient looking younger, brighter and with healthier skin. It may take some months for the full effects to be seen, but they will be noticeable.

Is this what you want, however? Are you ready to go under the knife, so to speak? It might be that you are a candidate for a ‘mini-facelift’ so let’s have a look at what that means.

What Sort of Facelift is for Me?

If you investigate more thoroughly you will find that cosmetic surgery is surprisingly popular among everyday men and women. It gives back a few more years of looking younger! If the full-on facelift is not for you, the mini facelift might be, especially one that doesn’t require you to have a general anaesthetic. With that there is always a small element of a risk, so that is eliminated.

While it does involve small incisions, the mini facelift requires only a local anaesthetic and oral sedation, so you will be awake. It uses a new and proven technique to deal with – primarily – loose and sagging skin, so if that is your prevailing concern then you may be an ideal candidate for this procedure.

Thanks to procedures such as this many more people are choosing cosmetic surgery to hide the signs of ageing than ever before. Safe, successful and trusted, facelift routines are performed daily so if you are interested, get in touch with your local Winnipeg experts and talk to them about your available options.


Facial Rejuvenation Facelift Surgery
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