Shelcal 500

Last updated: 29th October, 2018  Reviewed by – Dr. Srishti Tayal Shelcal 500 is generally prescribed for treating conditions like rickets, osteoporosis, and osteomalacia, that may occur due to low calcium levels in the body. Get to know how Shelcal 500 medication works, its side effects, precautions before using, and contraindications where Shelcal 500 is not suggested. […]

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Last updated: 30th June, 2018  Tizanidine is a muscle relaxant prescribed to manage muscle spasms caused by certain conditions such as spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis. It works by helping to relax the muscles. Tizanidine is prescribed for medical issues such as, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, a mild case of scoliosis, and fibromyalgia all of […]

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Zifi 200 Tablet

Zifi 200

Last updated: 30th July, 2019  What is Zifi 200? Zifi 200 is antibiotic medicine which contains Cefixime as the main ingredient is used to treat short-term bacterial infections such as chest and throat infections, UTI, ear infections, certain sexually transmitted diseases, and typhoid fever. Get to know how Zifi 200 works, its side effects, precautions, and contraindications […]

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Becosules (Multivitamin)


Last updated: 30th July, 2019  Becosule is a multivitamin used to treat conditions like Acne, Hair loss, Vitamin B12 deficiency, anemia, Muscle cramps, and Diarrhea. Get to know how Becosules works, its side effects, precautions, and contraindications where Becosules is not suggested. It is a combination of different variants of  B-complex vitamins including vitamin B12, B1, B2, […]

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Last updated: 14th September, 2018  Ranitidine is a non-imidazole blocker of histamine receptors which is used for the treatment of gastrointestinal ulcers. Ranitidine is grouped as histamine (H2)-receptor antagonist class of drugs. Get to know how Ranitidine works, its side effects, precautions, and contraindications where Ranitidine is not suggested. How does the drug work? These drugs […]

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