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Clavam 625 MG – Composition, Uses, Side-Effects, Substitutes, Warnings

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Did your doctor suggest using Clavam 625? Are you not sure what is this medicine and how it helps for your health problem? Are you not sure of side effects that Clavam 625 may show, want to know about dosage details? Continue reading a short description to get basic information followed by detailed information on Clavam 625.

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Clavam 625 – Brief Overview

This section will help you understand the most basic information about Clavam 625 in a few minutes of reading. If you are interested in more in-depth information, we have it mentioned in the detailed overview.

Clavam 625 is an anti-bacterial medicine used to treat health problems related to bacterial infections. The active ingredients in Clavam 625 are two drugs called Amoxicillin and Clavulanic Acid.

This medicine is generally prescribed by the doctors if you are suffering from health problems that are caused by bacterial infections like breathing issues caused by respiratory infections, sinus related infections, Urinary tract related infections, oral or dental related infections, infections that may be caused due to animal or human bites who might be infected.

Clavam 625 medicine is generally available in the form of tablets. The dosage depends on many factors like the patient’s age, body weight, his health condition in general, the disease he is suffering with and severity of the disease. The doctor may change the dose if the patient develops any reactions after the first usage or if the patient has any known allergies or drug reactions in the past. But in general, the average dosage for an adult human is one tablet in 12 hours or twice daily. It is always advised to use the medicine as mentioned by your doctor.

Clavam 625 is manufactured by Alkem Laboratories Ltd. While purchasing the medicine look for the brand name to make sure that the medicine is genuine. It is advised to keep the tablets in the provided package until the usage. Open the tablets strip to take off the medicine just before use only. It is advised to keep the medicine away from direct sunlight and keep it in a  cool and dry environment at normal room temperature. For pediatric use, the medicine is available by the name Clavam Dry Syrup. If you are using the dry syrup, follow the instructions provided on the package. In general, the dry syrup has to be stored in the refrigerator but not in the deep freeze. Use the medicine only if it is prescribed by your doctor.

The Clavam 625 medicine should be consumed by mouth after food, with a glass of water. Patients allergic to the ingredients in this medicine or penicillin or some other similar type of antibiotics like cephalosporins or beta-lactam antibiotics should avoid using this medicine. Those who have taken any vaccination recently or about to take a vaccination must avoid using this medicine. Patients suffering from liver-related or kidney-related health issues must consult their doctor before usage and strictly avoid using without a consultation.

Patients suffering from mononucleosis, kissing disease or leukemia should also avoid this medicine since it may cause allergic reaction line rashes and skin bumps.

Pregnant women and lactating mothers should use only if the need for this medicine is very clear but only after consulting and if the doctor prescribes it. Always inform your doctor if you are pregnant or planning to conceive and if you are a breastfeeding woman.

Don’t use the medicine past it’s expiration date. Check for the expiry date properly while you purchase and never use an expired medicine.

Interaction of the Clavam with alcohol is not fully known. Always consult your doctor if you have a habit of drinking regularly or let your doctor know about your habit of drinking before he prescribes this medicine.

Avoid driving or do not operate heavy machinery while under this medication because you may feel dizzy or drowsy after taking this medicine in combination with some other medicine as a rare side effect.

Clavam 625 may show some common side effects and allergic reactions like rashes, itching, vomiting, nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea, dizziness.

Clavam 625 – Detailed Overview

Table of content

  1. Composition of Clavam 625
  2. How do Amoxicillin and Clavulanic Acid work?
  3. History of Clavam 625
  4. When is Clavam 625 Suggested? 
  5. When is Clavam 625 not suggested?
  6. Warnings when using Clavam 625
  7. Purchase Tips and Storage Instructions
  8. Dosage and Intake Instructions for Clavam 625
  9. Possible Side-effects of Clavam 625
  10. Interactions with other drugs
  11. Precautions before using Clavam 625
  12. Available brands with the same active ingredients
  13. Frequently asked questions
  14. Search queries for Clavam 625
  15. References

Composition of Clavam 625

This medicine is manufactured by Alkem Laboratories Ltd. Clavam 625 contains 2 active ingredients in the following strengths per tablet:

  • Amoxicillin (500 mg)
  • Clavulanic Acid (125 mg)

About Amoxicillin

Amoxicillin molecular structure

Amoxicillin is an antibiotic drug prescribed to treat bacterial infections like chest infections, pneumonia, ear infections, and urinary tract infections. This medicine has to be used only with a doctor’s prescription. Patients who are allergic to penicillin and those who are suffering from any kind of liver or kidney-related health issues must avoid the usage of Amoxicillin.

About Clavulanic Acid

Clavulanic acid molecular structure

Clavulanic acid belongs to the Beta-Lactamase Inhibitor group of drugs. This drug alone has very little anti-bacterial effect but in combination with drugs like penicillins and cephalosporins, it enhances the antibacterial effect of the combined drug and works well. Beta-lactamase is an enzyme produced by most of the bacterial types and the enzyme inactivates many antibiotic drugs. When combined with Amoxicillin, Clavulanic acid helps to prevent bacteria from producing Beta-lactamase enzyme that would destroy Amoxicillin, and this how Clavulanic acid enhances the antibacterial effect.

These are some other similar antibiotic drugs used for bacterial infections –

Almox 500 – Almox 500 Capsules belong to a group of drugs called penicillins. Prescribed to treat some health problems caused by bacterial infections.

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Azithral 500 MG – Used to treat or prevent certain bacterial infections, most often those causing tonsillitis, middle ear infections etc.

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Ofloxacin – Used to treat a variety of bacterial infections. Ofloxacin works by killing the bacteria which are the cause of the infection.

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How do Amoxicillin and Clavulanic Acid work?

Amoxicillin is a penicillin antibiotic that fights against bacteria. It works by tampering the cell wall production of bacteria and thus inhibiting further growth of bacteria. It kills the bacteria by weakening and rupturing the cell walls of the bacteria.

Clavulanic acid is a beta-lactamase inhibitors group of drug. Beta-lactamase is an enzyme secreted by the bacteria which helps protect them from antibiotic drugs such as Amoxicillin. Clavulanic acid inhibits the activity of beta-lactamase and allows antibiotics to act against the bacteria.

History of Clavam 625

In the year of 1979, the British scientists working at SmithKline Beecham filed for US patent on the combination of Amoxicillin and Clavulanic acid under the trade name of Augmentin, and the patent was granted in 1985. The same composition is now available from Alkem Laboratories in the brand name of Clavam 625.

When is Clavam 625 Suggested?

Clavam 625 is prescribed in treating health conditions mentioned below –

  • Pneumonia
  • Bronchitis (lung infection)
  • Sinus Infection
  • Cystitis (urinary bladder infection)
  • Ear infection
  • Gonorrhea
  • Tonsil/throat infection
  • Urinary tract infection
  • A skin infection that is caused by bacterial infections

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Please note Clavam 625 isn’t very effective against infections caused by flu or cold-causing virus but may be prescribed during a viral infection to prevent secondary bacterial infection.

When is Clavam 625 not suggested?

Clavam 625 medicine is not suggested for use in the following conditions:

Conditions when not prescribed –

Allergic Reaction

Clavam 625 is not recommended for use if the patient has known issues of allergic reactions towards drugs like antibiotics particularly those which are penicillin based. Let your doctor know if you have any such known allergic reactions in the past after using any antibiotics.


Clavam 625 is not recommended to use for patients suffering from a condition called Mononucleosis. The drug may cause rashes and skin allergy if the patient is already suffering from Mononucleosis. Mononucleosis is also in short known as Mono or kissing disease or glandular fever. This disease is caused by a viral infection caused by the Epstein-Barr virus.


Cholestasis is a health problem where the flow of bile juices gets reduced from the liver into the duodenum. The condition may happen as a result of infections in the liver or gallstones or rarely cancer.

Viral infections

Clavam 625 is not recommended for viral infections. If used for non-bacterial infections without proper diagnosis, instead of benefits it may even cause undesired side effects and result in the development of drug-resistant bacteria. That means the drug may not work when used for next time when it is actually needed.

Conditions when prescribed with a warning –

Liver disease

Clavam 625 must be used with extra caution in patients suffering any kind of liver-related health issues.

Kidney disease

Similarly, if the patient is suffering from any kidney related health disorders, should use the medicine if only strongly need, and with proper medical supervision.


Colitis is an inflammatory condition of the colon. Clavam 625 has to be used only if strongly needed and with an extra caution in such patients suffering from colitis.


Clavam 625 for pregnant women is only recommended if the benefits of using this drug are more compared to the side effects that may appear. There is a chance of a reduction in estrogen levels while using this medicine in pregnancy.


Clavam 625 if used in lactating mothers may pass through their milk to the child. So it is recommended to use only if the use of this drug is must and if the benefits are high compared to the possible side effects.

Warnings when using Clavam 625

Sometimes while using any medicine, it has to be taken care that if any food restriction has to be maintained to be safe and avoid unwanted side effects. Mentioned below are such restrictions to be taken care while using Clavam 625.


Use of Clavam 625 along with alcohol may not cause any major problem. But it is advisable to consult your doctor before consumption as some patients using antibiotics may suffer from inadvertent side effects when consumed along with alcohol.


It is advised not to use grapefruit or its products while you are under the prescription of Clavam 625. Enquire your doctor for more information and food restrictions as it may sometimes depend on the condition and the problem being treated and your doctor would guide you better.

Liver Patients

Caution is advised while using Clavam 625 in patients suffering from liver diseases. Dose modification may be needed.

Kidney Patients

Caution is advised while using Clavam 625 in patients suffering from kidney diseases. Dose modification may be needed.

Purchase Tips and Storage Instructions

Alkem Laboratories Ltd manufactures the Clavam 625 medicine. Make sure to check the company name and manufactured date and most importantly the expiry date of the medicine. In general, the pharmacist would maintain the correct stock based on the expiry date, but as a consumer, we should be careful enough and check for the dates while purchasing any medicine.

Clavam 625 Tablets

Clavam 625 is available as 10 tablets per strip which cost around Rs.188.80 per strip. Each tablet costs around Rs.18.88. This medicine is available in any pharmacy and some online stores also sell the medicine. You may have to upload your prescription to purchase on some online medicine sellers websites to purchase the medicine.

Clavam 625 is a prescription medicine. It is not advised to use this medicine without an advice from your doctor. Store this medicine away from direct sunlight and in a cool and dry place at normal room temperature.

Clavam 625 Dry Syrup for Kids

Clavam is available for children as Clavam Dry Syrup. Follow the dosage instructions as directed by the pediatrician. The prepared solution should always be kept in the refrigerator, but not in the deep freezer.

Dosage and Intake Instructions for Clavam 625


Dosage details mentioned here is for informative purpose only. It is advised to use this medicine under proper medical supervision only.

The dosage of any drug depends on the severity of the disease and the weight of the person. This is not an OTC (over the counter) medicine, so a prescription is needed by a qualified physician. Dosage should be taken as per the physician’s prescription. The general dosage of Clavam 625 is twice daily or as advised by your doctor. Follow the instructions given by your doctor to be safe.

  • Use the medicine after meals to avoid side effects.
  • The time interval and dose duration should be maintained as directed by the doctor.
  • Swallow the tablet along with some water. Don’t chew, crush or powder the tablet.
  • Please continue using the medicine until you finish the full course even if you notice improvement in your condition. Clavam 625 is an antibiotic medicine and the full course has to be completed. If you stop in the middle of the course thinking that the condition has improved, there is a chance that the bacteria may regenerate and the problem may reoccur.
  •  If you miss a dose of Clavam 625, use it as early as possible, and if the time is almost nearing the next dose or it’s been more time, just skip the missed dose and continue with the next regular dose. Don’t overdose or double the dose even though you missed a particular dose.
  • If you consume an overdose by mistake, consult your doctor as early as possible. Signs of an overdosage include stomach upset, cloudy urination or crystals in the urine and difficult urination.

Possible Side-effects of Clavam 625

In addition to its intended benefits, Clavam 625 may cause some unwanted effects too. Consult your doctor immediately if you suffer any such side effects and if they do not get cured soon.

Mild issues

Mild side effects like skin rashes may be seen in some patients. Inform your doctor if you notice such side effects.

  • Joint Pain – Joint pain might be experienced in very rare cases which might be seen especially in the lower region of the spine.

Serious issues

Some very rare but serious side effects may be seen in some patients. Contact your doctor immediately if you notice such conditions.

  • Thrush – a very rare yeast infection of mouth, vagina, or skin folds
  • Kidney Health issues
  • Fits or Convulsions – Clavam 625 can cause symptoms like agitation, lack of sleep, confusion, and convulsions.
  • Anemia – Clavam 625 can cause anemia like effect resulting in unusual bleeding and formation of red patches under the skin, tiredness, breathing problem, dizziness.
  • Discoloration of urine or crystals in urine and discomfort in passing the urine.
  • Teeth may become stained.
  • Skin yellowing – May cause symptoms similar to jaundice like eyes and skin yellowing, color change in urine, tiredness, and fever.
  • Redness on skin, bumps below the skin, skin peeling, scaling, itching, and pain that may be combined with a headache, body pains, and Consult your doctor immediately in such conditions.
  • Hypersensitivity – Clavam 625 Tablet can cause allergic reactions characterized by rashes on the skin, swelling of the face, tongue or throat and difficulty in breathing
  • Fever – Clavam 625 can cause fever along with flu-like symptoms including swollen glands; difficulty in breathing; painful joints and difficulty in swallowing food.
  • Altered sense of taste – Clavam 625 can cause blackening of the tongue and altered sense of taste i.e. bad aftertaste or change in taste altogether.
  • Rarely some patients may suffer pain during sexual intercourse.

Commonly reported side-effects

Feeling sick, skin rashes, nausea, and diarrhea are the most possible and commonly reported side effects. Consult your doctor on time for proper treatment. Don’t self-treat with any random medicine to address the side effects, which may further complicate the symptoms.

  • Nausea or vomiting – Clavam 625 can cause nausea or vomiting and discomfort in the stomach (painful cramps, loss of appetite etc.)

Long-term use side-effects

Some side effects may be seen with long-term usage of Clavam 625. They may be like liver infection, or kidney issues, or may get some fungal or bacterial infections.

  • Diarrhea – Clavam 625 can cause loose stools along with or without the presence of blood

Rare side effects

  • Heavy menstrual bleeding – In some women, very rarely Clavam 625 can cause increased menstrual bleeding. Consult your gynecologist if you suffer such side effects for proper guidance.
  • Some patients may suffer irregularity in the heartbeat, black colored stools, change in taste,

Interactions with other drugs

If you use other over the counter products or other drugs at the same time, the effects of the Clavam 625 may change. In such case, the risk of getting side effects might be higher or the effectiveness of the drug may impact. Tell your doctor about all the medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements you are using, so that your physician can help you prevent or manage drug interactions. Clavam 625 may interact with the following medicines and products:

Interaction with Medicine – Make sure to stop taking the following while using Clavam 625 or talk with your doctor about proper drug adjustments.

Warfarin, Jantoven, Coumadin or other blood thinners

Usage of Clavam 625 with Warfarin should be reported to the doctor. The clotting time should be monitored promptly. Symptoms of increased bleeding, swelling, dizziness and weakness should be reported immediately.


Usage of Clavam 625 with Doxycycline should be avoided and use of other antibiotics should be reported to the doctor.


Usage of Clavam 625 with Methotrexate or other chemotherapy medicines should be reported to the doctor. The levels of Methotrexate in the body along with symptoms of toxicity should be closely monitored while both these medicines are taken.

Allopurinol and Probenecid

If the Clavam 625 is used along with the Allopurinol which is used to treat gout, the patient may feel allergic reactions like skin rashes. Probenecid is also a medicine used to treat gout. Let your doctor know if you are using this drug. You may need an adjustment in the dosage.

Ethinyl Estradiol

Ethinyl Estradiol is prescribed for birth control as an oral contraceptive medication. If Clavam 625 is used along with the Ethinyl Estradiol, it may affect the action of these contraceptive pills and unplanned pregnancy may happen. Let your doctor know if you are using any contraceptive pills like unwanted 72, or i-pill to avoid unwanted side effects.

Precautions before using Clavam 625

You should not use Clavam 625 if you are allergic to any penicillin-based antibiotic. Clavam 625 can make birth control pills less effective so ask your physician about using the non-hormonal birth control to prevent pregnancy during the treatment. Tell your physician if you are breast-feeding a baby as it may cause harm to the baby. To make sure Clavam 625 is safe for you, inform your doctor if you have kidney disease, liver disease, asthma or mononucleosis, a history of diarrhea caused by taking antibiotics; or food or drug allergies.

  • Before taking Clavam 625 tablet, it is important to make sure that the person is not allergic to the contents of the tablet and does not suffer from the severe liver problem, kidney disease or jaundice.
  • It is important to tell the doctor about the previous medication taken before going ahead with Clavam 625 tablet.
  • Clavam 625 tablet can make the birth control pills less effective. So one should make sure to discuss this with the doctor.
  • Those planning to conceive should also talk to the doctor before taking Clavam 625 tablet.
  • Prolonged use of Clavam 625 can cause the yeast infection. Check the expiry date of the medicine for sure.
  • Do not use a tablet with tampered packaging.

Available brands with the same active ingredients

Below listed brands of drugs are some with the same composition, strength, and form as of Clavam 625, and hence your doctor may prescribe any of them as an alternative to Clavam 625.

Alternatives in same pack size

These medicines are available in the same pack size as of Clavam 625 –

Moxikind CV 625 Tablets

  • Moxclav 625mg Tablet and Mox CV 625mg Tablet are manufactured by Ranbaxy Laboratories and are available in the pack of 10 in each strip.
  • Moxikind CV 625 and Moxiforce CV 625mg Tablets are manufactured by Mankind Pharma and are available in the pack of 10 in each strip.
  • Fightox 625mg Tablet is manufactured by Abbott Laboratories Pharma and is available in the pack of 10 in each strip.

Alternatives with a different pack size

These are the alternative brands available in different pack size –

Augmentin 625 DUO - Glaxo SmithKline

  • Augmentin duo 625 tablets are manufactured by Glaxo SmithKline and are available in a pack of 6 tablets each.
  • Clavullin 625 Tablet is manufactured by MHS Pharmaceuticals and is available in a package of 6 per strip.

Consider reading about Augmentin 625, which may be prescribed as an alternative drug for Clavam 625 tablets

Augmentin 625

Generic brand alternatives for Clavam 625

Some of the names of generic brands available as an alternative to Clavam 625 are –

  • Dentaclav 625mg Tablet

Frequently asked questions

Can I use Clavam 625 along with alcohol?

It is not advised to use Clavam 625 along with alcohol as it may show some adverse effects in some patients.

Can I use Clavam 625 in pregnancy?

If you are pregnant or planning to be pregnant, it is advised that you discuss with your doctor to judge the possible side effects compared to the desired benefits. Your doctor would suggest the medicine if possible benefits are more and the side effects are minimal.

If you are using any contraceptive pills, inform your doctor before prescribing the Clavam 625 as it may impact the contraceptive pills.

Can I use Clavam 625 if I am a lactating mother?

Clavam 625 medicine may pass to the baby through breast milk. If you are a feeding mother, talk with your doctor. If the intended benefits are higher to the possible side effects, you may have to use with extra precautions under the guidance of your doctor.

Can I use Clavam 625 if have any kidney-related health problems?

If you are suffering from any kidney related or renal health issues, let your doctor know before he prescribes you this medicine. You may need adjustments in dosage or an alternative drug may be prescribed.

Can I use Clavam 625 if have any liver-related health problems?

If you are suffering from any liver related or hepatic or bile related health issues, let your doctor know before he prescribes you this medicine. You may need adjustments in dosage or an alternative drug may be prescribed.

What is the dose of the Clavam 625 tablet?

The general dosage for an adult patient is 2 times per day or twice daily. But it may depend on the patient condition and the actual health problem he is being treated for and the final decision on dosage would be taken by your doctor. Please follow the instructions provided by your doctor.

Can Clavam 625 causes diarrhea?

Yes, Clavam 625 may cause severe diarrhea in some patients. Consult your doctor immediately if you notice any such symptoms.

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