Calf Strain (Tear)


Last updated: 7th August, 2017   What is it: Overstretching or tearing off part of the calf muscle Symptoms:  Pain behind the knee or in the back of the calf, bruising, swelling & difficulty walking Aggravating Activities: Walking, running, pushing down through toes Onset: Can occur suddenly when changing speed or direction or gradually from repetitive running or jumping Treatment: rest, PRICE, […]

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Will a torn ACL heal itself?


Last updated: 4th August, 2017   Unfortunately, the ACL cannot heal itself. Proper medical treatment is required to repair an ACL tear. Treatment options for ACL tear           When there is a complete rupture and the ligament is not functioning, the best treatment consists of surgery, including the reconstruction of a new ligament. If the patient has […]

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