Spasmonil – Composition, Uses, Side-Effects, Substitutes, Warnings


Last updated: 26th February, 2020  What is Spasmonil? Spasmonil is a combination medicine containing Paracetamol which is a Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine and Dicyclomine which is a muscle relaxant medicine (anticholinergics or antispasmodics). This combination is mainly prescribed to treat conditions like arthralgia (joint pain), myalgia (muscle pain), osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gastrointestinal spasm. This medicine is […]

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Dolo 650 – Composition, Uses, Side-Effects, Substitutes, Warnings

Last updated: 26th February, 2020  Dolo 650 is a Paracetamol tablet which is commonly prescribed to attenuate fever and for relieving pain, such as muscle ache, headache, joints pain, toothache, ear pain and menstrual pain. Get to know how Dolo 650 works, its undesirable effects, precautions, and contraindications where Dolo 650 is not suggested. Read about […]

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