10-year study to analyze the outcomes from Total Knee Replacement

outcomes from Total Knee Replacement

Last updated: 18th June, 2018  How is a total knee replacement outcome related to the following factors? Knee condition at the time of surgery Body weight (BMI) Mental well-being Overall health Age A recent research tried to answer some of the above questions after studying data of patients who underwent total knee replacement surgery between 1999 […]

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Oxinium vs Cobalt-Chrome Prosthesis: Twelve Year Outcomes

Last updated: 27th October, 2018  A cohort analysis in Feb 2016 investigated the long-term outcomes of Oxinium vs Cobalt-Chrome (Co-Cr) implants in total knee replacements (TKR). Let’s look into some details of the analysis. Outcomes are like Genesis II design of Oxinium implants (Smith & Nephew, Memphis, TN, USA) was used in the study. Cohorts selected had […]

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