Exercises to Increase Bone Density


Last updated: 7th October, 2017   What if you’ve been more sedentary than active most of your life? The good news is that you may still be able to regain bone strength. Evidence shows that exercise may help build and maintain bone density at any age. Weight-bearing exercises appear to stimulate bone formation and retain calcium in the bones […]

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Poor man’s rich Calcium diet!

Last updated: 1st November, 2017  In a developing country like India, there are always many concerns with regards to the dietary nutrition-related deficiencies. Calcium deficiency was not deemed to be as big a concern as was the deficiency of energy-rich foods, protein, and iron. Previous studies conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) noted […]

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Is there any relation between bone mass and hunger?

Last updated: 7th October, 2017  Do you know that there is a relation between the level of your hunger and bone mass? In a recent study, the researchers of Yale School of Medicine has found that a cluster of neurons in the brain, which controls human appetite, is also involved in generating the bone mass. This particular […]

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