The use of is governed by the terms and conditions described on the parent website, namely HealthClues available through the below link.

1. Privacy Policy

The use of is governed by the privacy policy described on the parent website available through the below link.

2. Cancellation and Return

At HealthClues, we ensure that every product that is shipped to you meets the quality standards. Yet, in a few instances, a product may need to be returned. You will be entitled to a full refund including the shipping and tax charges if any, subject to below conditions.

  • Product received by you did not match the product that was ordered OR Product has damage or does not function as per the specifications OR Product size does not meet your requirements.
  • Intimation is sent to HealthClues at [email protected] within two days of delivery along with suitable proof such as an image of the damage or other details as appropriate.
  • Product has not been used beyond what is necessary to ascertain the damage or malfunction, and the original packaging of the product has not been damaged.
  • We endeavor to dispatch a product as soon as the order is received, however in certain situations, it may take a longer time to dispatch. When the products are not dispatched to you beyond 5 working days from the date of the order, you are eligible to cancel the order with a full refund.
  • When you have sent an order cancellation request within 2 hours of the order creation.
  • When the order is canceled by us, due to any number of reasons, including but not limited to unserviceable delivery address, identification of the order as being from a user having an unusual rate of returns or rejection of delivery, or the order containing an item that has gone out of stock, or other reasons deemed suitable by our team.

Conditions where we may accept the request for cancellation and return, but where we reserve a right to deduct the cost incurred in delivery and return of the product.

  • When the order is not received by you due to any number of reasons including the mention of wrong address, change of mind, or other reasons.
  • When you wish to return one or more of the items in an order, the refund will be calculated to deduct the expenses incurred in the return of the rejected items.
  • When the order was not eligible for free delivery option as per the policy defined during the checkout.

It is our endeavor to support your request for cancellation when the need for cancellation seems to arise from a genuine concern, but we do reserve the final right to decline your request for the order cancellation.

Return Address:

Flat no 203, Above Sudarshan Reddy Sweet House,

Tarnaka, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Pincode: 500007

3. Refund

Following policies shall be applicable for processing a refund, according to the below-mentioned conditions. HealthClues does not support partial refund on a product. When an order contains multiple products, a refund may be processed for individual product items that are returned.

Eligibility conditions for a full refund

  1. Product shipped does not match the product ordered.
  2. Product was returned due to factory damage or malfunction.
  3. Request for return of product was made within 2 days of receiving delivery.
  4. Product is successfully received by HealthClues in a damage-free condition, other than the damage or malfunction that was reported in the claim request.
  5. Product is not a part of a combination where other products are retained by the customer, but one or more of the combinations are attempted for a return.
  6. Product was not shipped to your delivery address within 5 working days from the date of order.

Refund Process

  • Once the product is returned and received by HealthClues, a request is initiated to process a full refund on the returned product.
  • Refund for an amount paid through electronic means will be carried out through the respective gateway or method, but upon non-availability of the gateway or medium, a refund may also be provided through an alternative mechanism, such as credit in a wallet, redeemable coupon that can be applied on a subsequent purchase.
  • Refund for an amount paid through COD will not be made through cash, but an equivalent amount can be transferred to an alternative such as a wallet, a bank account or any other medium that accepts an electronic amount.

4. Payments

HealthClues supports all forms of major payments including credit cards, debit cards, net banking, wallets and cash as per the prevailing norms and rules described in The Payment and Settlement Systems Regulations, 2008.

Following information is made available for your reference.

  1. We support several modes of payment including credit card, debit cards, net banking and other mechanism made available through one of the integrated payment solutions that are legally authorized to serve as a payment gateway. Our current payment gateway to support these payment modes is through Instamojo, a trusted and secure payment solution.
  2. We do not retain or store information of your cards or bank accounts except for very limited information that enables tracing back a transaction to your card or account, in case required for internal investigation or auditing.
  3. We ensure a safe submission of the payment information through an SSL encrypted website.
  4. We ensure that the amount received from you is the same as what you see as the total amount mentioned in the invoice provided to you.
  5. We do not assume any responsibility for a fraudulent transaction on your account, based on the above-outlined fact that we do not store any information in our servers that can be used to perform a transaction without your express consent.

Your responsibilities:

  1. You acknowledge that you are legally authorized for the various payment instruments that you use to purchase a product on our website.
  2. You acknowledge your responsibility to provide a payment when the order is delivered to you with a COD option.

5. Shipping

Following policies would apply vis-à-vis shipping.

  1. We ensure that the products you have ordered are delivered to you through responsible courier agencies that maintain a high standard vis-à-vis safety of the goods in transit and deliver the goods to you on your shipping address in a secure manner. However, We do not take any responsibility for the courier agencies quality of service or any unforeseen incident that is not in our operational control or purview.
  2. We reserve the right to choose the suitable courier agency for your order, based on the serviceable Pincode, the type of items included in the order, suitability of the item for an air or surface transport and any other reason deemed suitable by our team.
  3. We reserve the right to ship the order to you containing all or a partial number of items, based on the product characteristics, availability and other concerns.
  4. We reserve the right to cancel an order that is deemed to be unserviceable due to any number of reasons, which may include unavailability of delivery service to the provided shipping address, or orders made by a user who has previously rejected the delivery of multiple orders, or has a high rate of return of previous orders, or the product is no longer in stock, or any other reason that our team deems to be a suitable cause for the cancellation of the order. In the event that the order is canceled by us, you shall receive a notification on the provided contact email address.
  5. We reserve the right to impose a shipping charge based on the delivery location, the number of items, the size, the weight or any other criteria that are decided by our team. Information of the shipping charges and other related charges shall be made available prior to the creation of the order.
  6. We reserve the right to cancel the delivery if the required payment is not provided in full at the time of order creation when an online payment instrument is used or at the time of delivery when cash on delivery option is selected.
  7. We reserve the right to cancel the delivery if you are unavailable at the address even after repeated attempts made by the courier agency as per their quality of service guidelines. In such a case, the costs for delivery and return of items shall be deducted from the payment received by you, or you would be liable to pay the delivery and return charges when cash on delivery option is selected.
  8. We endeavor to meet our standards vis-à-vis prompt delivery, but shall not be held accountable for delays that may arise due to any number of reasons, including the delay in shipping the order, delays during the transit or subsequent dispatch to your address.

Your responsibilities:

  1. When attempts are made to contact you by the courier agency, you will offer the support to the courier agency to deliver the goods at the shipping address, and you will behave with the courier agent in a dignified manner.
  2. You will collect the ordered item at the designated shipping address only, check the delivered order promptly or within two days of the delivery, and contact us in case any issues are to be mentioned vis-à-vis the delivered item as per the return policy described in Section 2 of the document.

6. Warranty and Liability

We sell products manufactured by top quality manufacturers that adhere to the greatest standards vis-à-vis product safety and longevity. We endeavor to provide a clear set of information about the product features and specifications, as available to us from the manufacturer, including but not limited to the product composition, materials used, durability, colors, sizes, weight, and information on the suggested use, and benefits of the product.

We bear no responsibility associated with the use of the product, malfunction, harm caused by using the product, or any other matter that is pertaining to the quality of the product, specifications, and warranty. In the event when a product fails to meet the requirements specified in the product specifications or other conditions, and when the manufacturer offers a warranty, you are responsible to contact the manufacturer on the provided contact details mentioned on the product or the packaging to raise your grievances.

7. Contact Information

Our team is easily accessible with regards to any inquiry or grievance pertaining to your experience on

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: +91-9640378378

We try to revert as quickly as possible but certainly within 12 hours of receiving your request when it is related to an order you have created with us. You are requested to clearly mention the date of order and order number in such communication. When the request is with regards to other matters such as availability of a product, or any other informational topic, our team shall endeavor to respond back within a 48 hours period but may take longer.