Accusure Simple Blood Glucometer with 25 Strips

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The Accusure blood glucometer is manufactured by Dr. Gene. it is designed for measurement of glucose or sugar level in the blood. Along with this glucometer, 25 disposable test strips are provided. It works very fast and provides the result in just 8 seconds. The reading obtained with this device is accurate and reliable. For testing blood glucose level in the body, a small volume of blood sample is required. It helps people with diabetes for monitoring blood glucose level at home.

How does Accusure Simple Blood Glucometer work?

It is a medical device for monitoring the blood glucose level in the body. A small drop of blood is taken with the help of a needle and is transferred on a disposable test strip which is meant for calculation of blood glucose level through this device. The device provides result in 8 seconds and the result is displayed in terms of mg/dl or mmol/l. The blood glucose level in a healthy person is less than 100mg/dl (5.6mmol/L) and in diabetic patients, the blood glucose level is more than 126mg/ml (7mmol/L).


  • Test light indicator
  • LCD Backlight display
  • 1000 memory space
  • PC link Facility
  • Tiny Blood Sample is required
  • Gives Accurate results in just 8 seconds