Second Opinion

Why Second Opinion

Does it really help? Are you ready to repeat a painful process that involves search for a good doctor, wait for an appointment, possibly a long travel to clinic, and wait again for the doctor on your appointment day?

A study, published in American Journal of Medicine, found that when confronted with uncertainty on diagnosis and treatment aspects, second opinion benefitted more than 40% patients through better diagnosis and change of treatment plan.
Just like an unnecessary surgery can do more harm than good, a delayed surgery is no better. For instance, a study demonstrated that when hip replacement was inevitable but was delayed, it resulted in worse outcomes for the patient.
Even experienced doctors admit that there’s a grey line between suggesting a surgery or not. A study published in Journal of health services research & policy found that opinions on elective surgery procedure didn’t match over 30% of time.

When Is It Most Useful?

A surgery has been suggested
You feel a communication gap
A new treatment approach is suggested

How we can help?

Second Opinion

Online consultation with an experienced doctor.

Second Opinion Plus

Online team based review from a panel of doctors.

How Second Opinion Plus Works


Team Work

It is well established that best decision making happens when you have a team of specialist deliberate on your case. Isn't that how most critical decisions are made anyhow?

Comprehensive Analysis

It comprises of doctors from several expertise areas to ensure that no aspect of your case gets overlooked. This approach virtually eliminates a possibility of mis-diagnosis.

Efficient Process

Getting second or third opinion requires repeated efforts and money but still lacks the team based decision approach that only Second Opinion Plus provides.

Wondering About?


Our process helps makes the entire second opinion process very affordable.


We adhere to the most stringent of healthcare compliance regulations.

Data Safety

Your medical records are safely expunged after the second opinion process is concluded.


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