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About physiotherapy & Medical Care

Physiotherapy has proven to be efficient and play a major role in health promotion and illness prevention. Physiotherapy is the treatment of preference for many who suffer from pain whether in the joints such as hips, knees, ankles, wrists, elbows or shoulders and back or neck.

Physiotherapy treatment can include therapeutic exercises, electrical modalities such as ultrasound or TENS, and manual therapy. A physiotherapist promotes independence. Emphasis is placed on what you can do for yourself and how you can prevent future occurrences of injuries or disabilities.

At Healthclues, we offer the most professional physical therapy rendered by university educated health professionals with a license to practice physiotherapy.

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About Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy is one of the highly recommended conservative treatments, which help improve functional activity and movements in the patients who are affected by any injury, disease or disability. It is a therapy that can help you avoid unnecessary surgery and drugs.The recent researchers say that physiotherapy is an effective way to manage the orthopaedic conditions like Osteoarthritis (OS), particularly in the patients with hip and knee osteoarthritis, to reduce the pain and restore the range of motion. It is considered an important part in any orthopaedic procedure for both pre-operative and post-operative periods to get the optimum outcome.


Physiotherapy is also effective in the spine related problems. For example, intervertebral disc deterioration is a natural process of ageing, but may sometime lead to a painful lower back. This pain can be chronic over time and can cause complications like immobility, limitation in the range of motion, or disability. If you don't take proper care in the early stages, it may even require a surgery. According to a study, early physiotherapy can help you reduce the pain and improve the mobility without causing any complication, which is quite effective and beneficial than a delayed treatment. Timely physiotherapy can also help decrease the overall costs.

Inujry Prevention

According to the experts, there is a co-relation between pain and falls. Most of you often neglect pain thinking it will go with time. But, it can increase the risk of falls, particularly in older people! Pain in older people is mostly related to instability in balance, gait problem, and mobility deficits, which are the strongest factors for falls. Physiotherapy plays an important role in the management of pain and can help you improve your bone health, and help you return back to the quality life. It also helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis related falls and fractures by conserving the bone mass, restoring the mobility and improving posture in older adults.

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HealthClues helped me find a physiotherapist Dr. Kanchana Bindu. She has always been very punctual with appointments and has much patience to help a weak and bedridden patient. Thanks to her, I have regained my movement, strength and confidence.
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Jaw bone fracture caused a nearly complete loss of sensation and movement. Through HealthClues, I received an excellent physiotherapy treatment from Dr. Kaleem Mohd, and regained both sensation and movement!
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