About Dr. Manjunath Natarajan
M.S Ophthalmology, F.I.C.O (U.K)

Dr Manjunath Natarajan has completed his medical education from Rajiv Gandhi University, Bangalore, Karnataka and has completed his F.I.C.O (U.K), know to be a globally recognized standard of knowledge, ensuring the highest patient safety in ophthalmology. He has also been selected among several applicants for the prestigious I.C.O fellowship at The Royal Free Hospital NHS trust for higher specialist training and has cleared several fellowship exams of The Royal College of Ophthalmology (London) and The Royal College of surgeons (Glasgow).

He has since been engaged in ophthalmology practice at Bangalore and Trichy. He is actively engaged in teaching Ophthalmlogy to undergraduate students at D.S.M medical college and research centre, Trichy. He is an avid writer & has authored several research publications and case reports which have been presented at the All India Ophthalmological Society’s annual conference (AIOC). He has a passion for writing medical articles & is especially interested in writing lucid, informative & concise articles whose target audience are patients and the common man, so as to provide them with easy to understand, accurate and upto date knowledge about their medical condition.