What does your noisy knee tell you?


Are you scared of the noisy sounds in your knees? Many of us have knees that crack when we squat down, stand-up, or during other activities in our daily life. Well, you do not have to worry always when you have any popping or cracking sound in the knees because some joints of our body crack even if they are healthy.

Why does the healthy knee joint crack?

As the age advances, the cartilage starts to develop rough areas. Cartilage is the tissue that covers and protects the bones from the direct contact with each other. So during sitting down or standing up, these rough surfaces also move across each other, which cause cracking or popping sound.

When should you visit your doctor?

Cracking or popping sound coming from your knees is not dangerous unless it causes any pain and swelling. So, if you have pain or swelling, visit your doctor without any delay, because it can be dangerous if left untreated. The noisy sounds in the knees may occur due to the following problems:

Injury or wearing of the cartilage:

Sometimes due to the injury, a part of cartilage breaks off. As a result, you have swelling and severe pain in the knee area. In older people, the cartilage becomes thinner gradually and also breaks. It causes serious pain and difficulty in moving the legs. This condition slowly worsens and is called as osteoarthritis.

Meniscus tear:

Tear of the meniscus is one of the common problems, which can occur during heavy activities like sports, twisting, running. The meniscus is a disc-like cartilaginous structure that provides the cushioning effect between the joints. It prevents the direct contact of the bone with each other and also protects them from the impact of heavyweight.

What are the precautions to avoid the knee problems?

You can follow some precautions, which can help you keep your knees healthy. Some of these are:

  • Always wear flat shoes that give you comfort, and try to avoid high heels.
  • Exercise regularly, which can strengthen your legs and bones. For example, walking up stairs, brisk walking, cycling, works wonderfully in building the muscles for the knee support.
  • Stretching exercise is also very effective to keep the knees healthy and strong.
  • People, who are obese, are at greater risk to develop arthritis of the knee. So, it is important to maintain a proper body weight which can help you reduce stress on the knees.
  • Early physiotherapy intervention when you have mild pain or discomfort in your knee can help, so its imperative that you discuss your condition with you doctor and take remedial steps without delay.

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