The Total Gym XLS and its Best Features

The Total Gym XLS is a great exercise machine. It’s ideal for anyone looking to get quality workouts in at the comfort of their own home. Before you decide to purchase, you’ll want to learn about its top features and hear out our Total Gym XLS review. With that said, some of its best features are:


One of the best features of the Total Gym XLS is it offers six levels of resistance. The resistance ranges from very light to very heavy, which means it doesn’t matter if your fitness goals are, you’ll be able to achieve them. If you’re completely new to working out or it’s been a while, then start with the lowest resistance and as you become stronger, you can increase the resistance level.

The Exercises

Another good feature is the number of exercises you can do. The machine allows you to do over 80 exercises. This includes basic exercises, novice exercises, and more advanced exercises. With so many exercises to choose from, you can easily train your entire body.

The Total Gym XLS lets you keep things interesting. When it comes to working out, you have to keep changing up your workout. With dozens and dozens of exercises you can perform with the Total Gym XLS, you’ll have no problems switching up your workouts regularly.

Fully Assembled & Easy To Setup

The home gym comes fully assembled. You don’t have to worry about nuts and bolts and figuring out how to put it together. Unlike many other home gyms, the Total Gym XLS requires no guesswork when it comes to putting it together.

As for the actual setting the equipment up, that’s easy too. In fact, it should only take you a very short period to set everything up. Even if you’ve never set up a home gym, you won’t struggle to set up the Total Gym XLS.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity is another impressive feature. Its user weight capacity is 400lbs, so pretty much anyone should be able to use it without any problems at all. This also means it is extremely reliable and sturdy.


Let’s not forget to mention the warranty that comes with the Total Gym XLS. On the frame, there is a lifetime warranty, while there’s a six-month warranty on the parts. If you need to use the warranty, then simply follow the instructions that come with the machine.

Solid Build

Finally, the machine is built to last. As previously mentioned, it is extremely sturdy and reliable. This is due to the materials used to make them. The bottom line is it is durable, reliable and it will easily last you for many years to come. If you’re after a quality home gym that will withstand the test of time, then look no further than the Total Gym XLS.

Do you want to get into great shape, without having to join a gym? If so, then you should buy the Total Gym XLS. Remember, the above features are only the best features. Get the machine today if you want to experience all of its features.


The Total Gym XLS and its Best Features
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