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Low back pain? Take the right decision!

About 60-85% of people experience low back pain at some point in the life. According to the experts, a large number of the patients suffers from lower back pain and leg pain due to slipped disc. A slipped disc is also called as herniated or ruptured disc and puts pressure on one or more nerves in that area. As a result, it leads to pain, loss of sensation and weakness in the body parts that are connected to that nerve.

A slipped disc is painful, and most of the patients get relief of pain by nonsurgical treatments. If the non-surgical treatment fails, then you should go for surgical intervention.

Studies about slipped disc induced low back pain

According to a study, published in the International Journal of General Medicine, the patient can go for surgical intervention if he/she does not get relief after 6 weeks of conservative treatment. Surgical intervention is the best way to get faster relief of the symptoms, and to get a quality life. In the study, the researchers also observed that some patients were improving with continuous conservative therapy. So they discovered a mixed result from both the conservative and surgical treatment.

The study sheds a light on the fact that the ultimate decision on what treatment can work best should be taken after ensuring that the patient is fully aware of his or her condition, and the available treatment options. An awareness of all the available treatment options can be developed by consulting with a couple of doctors before taking any decision. After all, an active participation from the patient for a full recovery is as important as the treatment itself!

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Low back pain? Take the right decision!
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