Sciatica pain

Suffering from Sciatica? Physical Therapy Can Help!!

Sciatica is a radiating pain along the course of the sciatic nerve and is felt in the back, buttocks, back of the thigh, legs and the foot. It is commonly due to disk prolapse.

This incidence is related to age and rare before 30 years. The highest incidence is found in the fifth decade and then decreases with increasing age. Prolonged walking also was found to increase the incidence of sciatica. Also, occupations with greater physical labor, such as farmers and machine operators, have a higher likelihood of developing sciatica compared to less mobile office workers.

How can a Physiotherapist help relieve your Sciatica pain?

Physiotherapists have many techniques of treatment that may help. Treatment may include complete physical assessment, exercise therapy, electrotherapy, mobilizations, spinal stabilization and core strengthening exercises, or traction. Often people can respond to moving in a certain direction.

Some people with sciatica feel better with exercises moving in a backward bending position, some in a bending forward position. The best therapy treatment for someone with sciatica varies greatly from person to person.

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Suffering from Sciatica? Physical Therapy Can Help!!
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  1. dr kaleem mohd is a good physiotherapist his way of treatment is amazing , he has given treatment for knee pain and i have seen excellent recovery in me , i thank dr kaleem for that .

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