Sanitization vs Disinfection vs Sterilization in COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 breakdown all over the world made 100+ countries to announce complete lockdown as WHO warned a might increase in the death toll otherwise social-distancing as found effective against the spread of the pandemic in China. Today we’re going to discuss, Sanitization vs disinfection vs sterilization in COVID-19 pandemic to stop the spread. 

Guidelines of WHO in COVID-19

  • Washing hands for 20 seconds frequently using soap and water either alcohol-based hand scrub.
  • While coughing or sneezing use flexed elbow or disposable tissue to cover mouth or nose.
  • Making social-distance, approximately 1 meter or 3 feet at least from the people regardless of significant symptoms.
  • Practice Self-Quarantine or Isolation, from others to stop the possibilities of spread.

For more read WHO Guidelines

Best Disinfectants

  1. Alcohol wipes (62% alcohol minimum)
  2. Alcohol spray (62% alcohol minimum)
  3. Isopropyl alcohol
  4. Hydrogen peroxide

Some of the best antiviral soaps available online

Sanitization vs disinfection vs sterilization

Right now we’ve different types of products available in the market. For example, sanitizers, disinfectants such as soaps or detergents or sterilizers, etc. We’ll go through all of them to find effectiveness against the spread of the pandemic. 

Soaps, detergent, bleach, etc. 

According to WHO washing hands with soap and water can give maximum protection from COVID-19. Here are types of soap available in the market for disinfecting Coronavirus.  

Antibacterial Soap

  • Expensive than regular soap.  Mostly prescribed through health care experts.
  • Similarly effective as a regular soap for preventing COVID-19.
  • Kills bacteria if applied and left for at least two minutes approximately.

Regular Soap

  • Recommended for home and business use either related to any Healthcare organization.
  • Available in super shops.
  • Less expensive comparing anti-bacterial soaps.
  • Rubbing for 20 seconds is mandatory.

Liquid Soap

  • Liquid soap most recommended for cleaning hands over bar soaps.
  • They are easier to use and less contiguous.
  • Many of them ensure moisturizing agents to keep hands hydrated.

Alcohol Wipes

  • Frequent washing hands can cause harm to the skin so that it can be replaced using Alcohol hand sanitizers that keep hands hydrated.
  • Remember the wipes or sanitizers must contain 62% of alcohol to sanitize or disinfect COVID-19.


Either we can use homemade soapy water as per the recommendation of the CDC for disinfecting home and ourselves.  

Home recipe of soapy water

As the breakdown was so sudden and infected near about 1 million worldwide until today there is a chance that soaps go out-of-stock. In such a case, use the Soapy water to clean your hands, recommended by CDC.

Following is the recipe of Soapy water:

  • 20 liters of water.
  • 5 tablespoon of detergent.
  • Mix it well now pour the water into bucket or sprayer. That’s it

The recipe helps many people during the time of EBOLA.


I am afraid that sterilization really helps or efficient way to fight against coronavirus.


Do soaps disinfect COVID-19?

Yes, soap is considered to be the second-best option to fight against any pandemic to spread. Further, Coronavirus is a respiratory illness. Therefore, according to some studies washing hands with soaps for 20 seconds can reduce the rate of spread by approximately 54%.

Can hot water only kill COVIDs-19?

No, only water cannot kill any virus regardless of the temperature.

How to dry hands?

Overusing a reusable towel, drying hands with air drier or paper towel keeps you on the safer side.

Anti-bacterial soap or regular soap against Coronavirus?

I would say both but if I have to pick one then I would recommend any soap plus water.  Because relying on Antibacterial soap only, do have some disadvantages, as they develop unwanted drug-resistant bacteria. So, use any soap and water instead.

How frequently we need to wash hands?

Each time you have close contact with suspected objects that might carry the COVID-19. For example, after using doorknobs, washroom, or touching someone ill with the symptoms of Coronavirus, etc. Rather use hand sanitizer to clean your hands that’ll keep your hands hydrated and clean.

Do exercise is effective against the Coronavirus?

No, there is no such evidence has discovered yet but yes exercise improves overall immunity. Further, good immunity makes the body less prone to any disease, and HITT can be a solution for staying fit at home. 


Both Antibacterial and regular soaps are similarly affective for killing disease-causing viruses such as COVID-19. So, cleaning hands with normal soap and using water is the best solution to prevent COVID-19 to spread. Therefore, in Sanitization vs disinfection vs sterilization, the sanitization and disinfection is the best way to fight against the spread of such pandemic. Finally, stay at home, clean yourself and probable contiguous surface, don’t panic, and be safe.


Sanitization vs Disinfection vs Sterilization in COVID-19 Pandemic
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