Preventive health checkup – When prediction can make you live longer

Health is a state of being and for good health, one needs to eat properly, get enough exercise and sleep, and also avoid alcohol, tobacco, drugs, excess sugar, and salt intake.

However, despite taking all the necessary steps to ensure our complete well-being, one can never be overly certain about one’s health.

There are still several questions out there. Any time, a serious illness can come knocking. Because of this uncertainty, preventive health care has arisen. In India, the section of preventive healthcare is on the upward curve.

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What is a preventive health checkup and why do we need it?

A preventive health checkup aims at identifying and minimizing risk factors in addition to the early detection of diseases. With the advancement of medical research, vaccines and antibiotics have defeated many infectious diseases.

However, many illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, heart problems, and obesity are on the rise, due to the modern lifestyle that leaves little time for exercise or a healthy diet, resulting in an increase in unhealthy habits and a deterioration of general health leading to what is called as lifestyle diseases.

India’s overall market for preventive healthcare now estimates at over $800 million. So

Here now we get a clear idea about preventive health checkups and why should one get it done.

According to the WHO, India ranks very high among the nations affected by the growing wave of premature deaths caused by non-communicable or lifestyle diseases, accounting for 60 percent of all deaths.

In India every year approximately 5.8 million Indians die from diabetes, stroke, cancer, heart, and lung diseases. In other words, the risk of dying from a lifestyle disease before the age of 70 out of 4 Indians is 1.  

A number of these lifestyle diseases like diabetes are silent; they have no early symptoms and need timely screening to be detected. Moreover, diseases like cancer can only be treated with early diagnosis. Likewise, maintaining a healthy level of BP and good blood cholesterol substantially reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and as per the WHO, about 1.7 million Indians die each year from heart disease. This implies that a preventive health checkup or early detection and treatment of a host of diseases and ailments mean a better chance of recovery. So what are the benefits of a preventive health checkup? Let’s read on to know about it more.

Benefits of preventive health checkup

Research across the globe has shown that engaging in an annual routine health checkup or preventive health checkup rather than attending a hospital only when an emergency occurs is more affordable, not to mention much less distressing. The other benefits include;

  • Reduced chances of developing sickness
  • Early identification of potentially life-threatening health problems or diseases
  • Boosts recovery options and cure
  • Reduces complication risk by close monitoring of established conditions
  • Greater lifespan and improved wellbeing
  • Creates a strong physician relationship so care can be more effective

Preventive Health Checkups Age wise and Gender wise

Preventive health checkups are important for each of us, no matter what age group you are a part of. Tests can vary from gender to gender.

For a senior citizen, a health checkup will be somewhat different from those living in their 30s or 40s.

Those who have used preventive health checkups and believed to be healthy have been found living within them with several different types of diseases. Hence here are must-have preventive health checkups for the youth, elderly, men and women;

Preventive health checkups for the youth (the 20s to 30s)

It is alarming to note that most of the lifestyle diseases among young people have been found extensively. Here are some recommended health checks for youngsters,

1.      Measurement of Cholesterol Levels

As a youngster, you should make sure that your cholesterol levels don’t surpass the usual range and this can be done by limiting the consumption of foodstuffs that have too much oil and fat content.

2.      Blood Pressure

Regardless of how young you are, it’s important to know if your heart beats well and your body maintains the proper blood pressure.

3.      Examination of ears, mouth, and eyes

Youngsters must maintain hygiene and ensure they have good eyes, mouth, and ears.

4.      Other important blood tests

Get your blood glucose level, Blood Urea Nitrogen, Blood Creatinine, and Electrolytes checked regularly to know whether your organs like pancreas, kidneys, etc are functioning properly.

5.      Electrocardiogram

An electrocardiogram detects the abnormal electrical activity of your heart.

6.      Screening for cancer

As a young woman, you need to get screened for a mammogram that detects any abnormal growth in the breast along with a Pap smear that can easily detect cancerous or pre-cancerous possibility in the cervix. As a young man, you need to get a prostate test to detect or rule out any cancerous growth in your prostate gland. Sigmoidoscopy can also be done to detect any tumor in the rectum, anus, or lower part of the large intestine.

7.      Other important checkups

 Irrespective of your gender you need to get screened for sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, STD, or for Tuberculosis, Hepatitis at a young age itself.

Preventive Health checkups for Adults (beyond the 30s)

Our body changes with aging, which needs extra care and maintenance. Hence as the age increases, more regular preventive check-ups need to be performed.

There are few preventive health checkups per age and gender that one as an adult should continue to routinely undergo like;

  1. Hypertension or BP monitoring
  2. Weight checkup
  3. The Rectal Test
  4. Tests to screen for colon cancer
  5. Mammogram and breast exam-For women
  6. A vaginal test and Pap smear
  7. Eye examination for cataract
  8. Ear examination
  9. Bone density test and other tests to rule out arthritis
  10. Tests for Cholesterol Levels
  11. Blood Sugar for diabetes detection
  12. Checkup for all thyroid hormones
  13. Search for a new mole
  14. Dental checkup
  15. Test to check for Infertility or PCOD
  16. Test for identification of Vitamin deficiencies

Thus whether you are young or old, man or a woman, any kind of preventive health check-up is worth it because it not only saves your life but also money as its rightly said Knowing is believing. So if you value life, time, and money, all you have to do is decide to get a health checkup done at a diagnostic center near the vicinity of your home today! Now in India many healthcare platforms are offering and education the people about the importance of the health companies like www plus100years com offering many packages with up to 70 % discount on Preventive Health Checkup.


Preventive health checkup - When prediction can make you live longer
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