Palm Jaggery

Palm Jaggery

Palm jaggery is a natural sweetener made from the extract of palm trees. Jaggery is a wonderful energy booster for both adults and children. It is rich in vitamins, minerals (e.g., iron, calcium, vitamin B, etc). It is beneficial for pregnant and breast feeding women. Palm jaggery is rich in natural nutrients, because the process of making jaggery does not require any chemical agents. And all the nutrients are preserved without addition of preservatives. Apart from its sweet taste, it is an excellent substitute for white sugar.

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How palm jaggery is made

It is a natural process where the palm juice is collected from palm trees by tying pots on it. The collected palm juice from the palm trees are filtered then boiled for more than 2 hours in a huge vessel. After boiling the syrup gets thicker. The syrup poured in special bowls or coconut shells to set. Once it is cooled it is ready for the usage. Palm jaggery is darker in colour than the jaggery made from sugar cane.

Health benefits of palm Jaggery

  • Since ancient times jaggery is used to treat minor ailments such as dry cough, acidity, constipation, common cold and asthma. And also tea made with palm jaggery mixed with pepper and dried ginger which helps to promote digestion.
  • Palm jaggery is rich in nutrients, and has 60 times more minerals than white sugar and also contains vitamins.
  • It is a natural blood purifier, regulates the liver and prevents bile disorders.
  • It works as a digestive agent by activating enzymes and cleanse the intestinal tract.
  • It increases the iron levels, regular consumption can combat with anemia. And it has magnesium which regulates nervous system.
  • It has an antioxidant property, thus protects cell damage. And it is equally rich in calcium, potassium, and phosphorus.
  • Palm jaggery composed of carbohydrates. It helps to release energy, and let u stay fresh and active.
  • Palm jaggery cleans up your systems such as lungs, food pipe, intestines, respiratory tract, and also stomach. It removes the toxins from the body.
  • It contains dietary fibers which help to prevent constipation. It also stimulates bowel movements.
  • With one teaspoon of palm jaggery is beneficial to heal migraine headache.
  • Palm jaggery helps in weight loss, because it has high content of potassium and raw sweetener.
  • It has got seasonal effects on body as in summer it gives you cool effect and in winter it keeps the body warm.
  • Palm jaggery helps muscles, nerves and blood vessels relax thereby increasing their function.

Types of palm jaggery

These are varieties of palm jaggery:

  • Date palm jaggery
  • Toddy palm jaggery
  • Palmyra jaggery
  • Sago palm and coconut palm jaggery

Other uses of palm jaggery

Jaggery is a traditional type of unrefined and non-distilled sugar used in making sweets, candies, toffies and many other products.

Daily requirement and consumption

  1. Palm jaggery has higher levels of sweetness. So the smaller portion is enough compared to white sugar. 5 gm palm jaggery = 25gm white sugar.
  2. The requirements of adult to consume 50gms to 100gms a day.
  3. The expectant mothers should not consume more than 25gms for the first 3 months.
  4. Below 10 years kids can consume 50gms a day.


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