Femoral Stress Fracture

Last updated: 7th October, 2017   What is it? A femoral stress fracture is a condition that is medically described as a partial crack in the femur or thighbone caused by repetitive stress or force. Risk factors: High-intensity training Women Poor nutrition and lifestyle activities Lower 25-hydroxyvitamin D Female athlete triad History of smoking 10 alcoholic […]

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Rotator Cuff Pain

Last updated: 7th October, 2017   A common cause of shoulder pain is soreness of the tendon (a cord that attaches a muscle to a bone) of the rotator cuff. This is the part of the shoulder that helps circular motion. Who gets? As people age and are less active, tendons start to degenerate and lose strength. Symptoms pain triggered by raising […]

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Osteoporosis – a silent killer of your bones!

Osteoporosis - a silent killer of your bones

Last updated: 7th October, 2017  Osteoporosis is one of the common bone problems, which causes 8.9 million fractures every year worldwide. It is characterized by thinning and weakening of the bone to a point that they become prone to fracture and breakage. According to a research, published in the Journal Geriatric Nursing, Osteoporosis is a condition that can take even a lifetime […]

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