5 Simple Exercises for Knee Pain Relief

Reviewed by – Dr. Satish Reddy

Dr. Satish Reddy, a highly experienced Senior Orthopedic Surgeon has shared few useful exercise tips for getting relief from early-stage knee pain. Please follow below instructions before you start the exercise.

  • You can perform these five exercises preferably in the morning, either an empty stomach or after a light breakfast.
  • Typically, it helps to spend about 30 minutes in overall exercise time, but if required, you can also break this time into two 15 minute sessions.
  • 15 – 20 minutes before you start the exercise, it is suggested to softly massage the joint with a warm moist cloth like a towel. It will help in increasing the blood circulation to the joint.
  • After you are done with the exercise, it may be helpful to give rest to the knee. If you notice any pain or swelling, you could apply a cold ice-pack.
  • In case you feel any difficulty or unease, please discontinue the exercises and take the assistance of a locally available physiotherapist.

Quad Sets Exercise for Knee Pain

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    Runner’s Knee

    Runner’s knee is a common orthopedic ailment among runners. It can also strike any athlete who does activities that require a lot of knee bending (flexion) – like walking, jumping and biking. It usually causes chronic pain around the knee cap. Runner’s knee can results from direct trauma to the knee, like a fall or blow, overuse repeated bending, or high-stress exercises and weakness in thigh muscles also cause extra load on the knee.


    osteosarcoma. Symptoms of bone tumors can vary depending on the size and location. Tumors arising in or around the joints often cause pain, tenderness, and swelling. Bone tumors can also weaken the bones thus causing fractures.

    Symptoms of Chronic Knee Pain

    The signs and symptoms of the chronic knee pain vary from person to person. Some of the possible symptoms are:

    1. The pain is constant in nature.
    2. It is dull and burning in types and causes discomfort.
    3. The patient feels a sharp, shooting sensation during mobility.
    4. Difficulty in walking.
    5. You may have to swell with pain if you touch it.

    Risk Factors for Chronic Knee Pain

    Even though the chronic knee pain is an age-related problem, it can also be triggered by some risk factors, such as:

    1. Overweight or obesity
    2. Excessive physical exercise
    3. Previous accidental injury

    Chronic Knee Pain and Treatment Options

    Depending on the diagnosis and the causes of the knee pain, your orthopedic doctor advises you any of the following treatment regimens: such as

    1. Physiotherapy
    2. Medication
    3. Surgery
    4. Injections

    Simple Steps Control Knee Pain

    1. Give adequate rest to the knee, and avoid working for a few days.
    2. Ice on your knee for 15 min for every 2-3 hours; continue for a few days. It works very well in reducing pain and inflammation.
    3. To prevent swelling, you can compress the knee by use of a strap or elastic bandage.
    4. Always use a pillow under your heel when you sit or lie down. It is given the relief from pain.
    5. Take an anti-inflammatory (NSAID’s) drug to reduce pain and swelling. This can cause some side effects. Consult your doctor before taking any medicines.
    6. Do some regular exercises and stretching, which help maintain the strength of knee joint as mentioned above.


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