Hip Fractures - precautions

A 2 minutes of hopping a day, keeps hip fracture at bay

What Causes hip fractures

Our bones become thinner with age, which is quite significant in the hip bones. In the hip bone, it causes a localized thinning and makes it more susceptible to fracture. A  Journal of Bone and Mineral Research study mentions that regular and high-impact exercise, particularly hopping or jumping can strengthen the hip bone, reducing the risk fracture, even in the later age also. The study is named as ‘hip hop’ study, and it was done by the scientists at the Loughborough University in the UK.

In the study, the researchers selected 34 men from the age group of 60-65 years and made them hop or jump for two minutes daily for a one-year duration. However, the men were asked to hop only on one leg so that they can assess the difference between two legs. After one year, the researchers observed that the bone mass increased by up to 7-8% of the exercised hip including both the outer and inner layer (outer shell or cortex and the inner layer or spongy bone). Not only this, but the effect was also positive in the thinnest parts of the hip bone, which are more likely to get fracture during a fall.

According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, this trick can also be very useful to prevent osteoporosis, a disease which is responsible for a large number of fractures worldwide. This study also indicates the use of early intervention in Osteoporosis with conservative therapy based approaches, that can help in strengthening bones and preventing Osteoporosis induced hip fracture.

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A 2 minutes of hopping a day, keeps hip fracture at bay
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