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HealthClues ( was born from a simple everyday observation that when a health related calamity occurs, many of us do not have a trusted doctor in our close network, to confide in or approach.

Imagine a person having just received advice from a doctor that surgery is necessary to either avoid future complications or to outright cure the ailment. Any discussion of surgery, whether it be major or minor, can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. The individual may have many concerns or questions that go unanswered; or quite frankly, the individual may be confused, which sometimes makes it difficult for that person to express himself or herself clearly.

We have always revered doctors as being noble and altruistic – doing good for everyone and rightfully so. But, sometimes this reverence makes it difficult for many patients to feel at ease and comfortable with doctors. Or, just as important, some patients may even feel uneasy about questioning the doctor’s diagnosis and recommendation. Furthermore, many patients don’t even know what type of questions to pose, or the doctor may inadvertently make the patient feel so uncomfortable that he or she doesn’t ask any questions.

On the other hand, if a patient or his/her family is fortunate enough to know another doctor on an informal basis, perhaps through a network of friends, then it can be easy to seek out another opinion. However, these informal networks are fairly rare. If one is in fact able to speak to another doctor via an informal network, then the patient will usually feel more at ease and let their guard down. They’ll ask questions, and perhaps get an opinion regarding alternatives. Even if the second opinion confirms the first diagnosis and recommendation, the patient will at least feel less anxious.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had a “doctor friend”, a qualified healthcare professional who could listen to all your concerns and worries, help overcome anxiety, review the medical case and provide another opinion, a friend one could trust to give the best advice and help make a sound decision about one’s health!

That’s what HealthClues is about! Our goal is simple: to be that “doctor friend”, who can help you when it’s needed the most. While we are currently working on the details and technicalities to fulfill the above mission, we decided to start engaging with you through our blog; and, learn about your needs.

It’s never too early to say a “Hello” to a friend. Therefore, may we say, “hello friend!”?

We hope you will find the articles posted on our blog to be relevant and useful.


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HealthClues is here!
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