Femoral Stress Fracture

Femoral Stress Fracture

What is it?

A femoral stress fracture is a condition that is medically described as a partial crack in the femur or thighbone caused by repetitive stress or force.

Risk factors:

  • High-intensity training
  • Women
  • Poor nutrition and lifestyle activities
  • Lower 25-hydroxyvitamin D
  • Female athlete triad
  • History of smoking
  • 10 alcoholic drinks/week

Signs & Symptoms

  • Swelling and pain
  • Tenderness around the affected area
  • An inclination to limp or put less weight on the affected leg

How is it treated?

  • Protection – Crutches with non–weight-bearing ambulation until complete relief of pain at rest is achieved
  • Rest
  • Ice – To assist with pain reduction
  • Elevation
  • Medication
  • Physiotherapy
  • Surgery

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