Essential Oils Safe To Use Around Eyes

Essential Oils Safe To Use Around Eyes

While regulatory bodies are cracking down on claims that lead to the misuse of essential oils, there’s only so much they can do. To get the desired results when working with essential oils, they must be applied safely.

As many oils have antifungal and antibacterial properties, people are curious about using them to combat ailments like conjunctivitis (pink eye). Here’s what you need to know about whether or not essential oils are safe to use around your eyes.

What Makes Essential Oils Work

Essential oils are highly concentrated essences derived from plant matter. This high level of concentration effectively captures the properties of the plant, which can make a potent holistic remedy for household ailments.

It’s important to remember that just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s safe in all applications. Castor oil has long been used for various household remedies. Ricin, which is derived from the same plant, is a swift-acting toxin that can kill an adult if a dose the size of a few grains of sand hits the bloodstream.

Using Essential Oils Around Eyes

It’s the power and potency which make essential oils so useful. As such, essential oils should never be applied to the eyes. While many oils would be useful in treating bacterial or fungal infections, the damage caused to the soft, sensitive tissues of the eye could cause severe and irreversible damage.

That being said, while you can’t apply oils directly to the eyes for treating eye-related issues, don’t worry about applying them to the surrounding areas for other purposes.

Use an eye-safe carrier oil, such as argan oil. Take a moment to read the article that contains a lot of information about using this carrier near the eyes. When applying oil to your face or hair, be cautious about getting it in your eyes, and flush immediately with water if an accident occurs.

Alternatives for Essential Oils Around Eyes

If you can’t use essential oils in and around your eyes, how can you get those benefits? As previously mentioned, facial applications will help you get some of the vapor effects without harming your eyes. Be cautious when using hot oils like peppermint, however, as the vapor can cause watering and stinging.

You can also use a diffuser in your room to immerse yourself in the oil in a safe way. When your main goal is germ prevention, you can use antibacterial and antifungal oils to clean your home and help offset the chance of infection.

Best Essential Oils for Eye Issues

Best Essential Oils for Eye Issues

Eye infections can be either viral, bacterial, or fungal, depending on the nature of the illness. Thus, using essential oils that have antiviral, antifungal, or antibacterial properties is the best way to prevent eye issues. Using them in DIY cleaning products and diffusers can help stop germs before they take hold.

Here are some of the best oils to use when worried about eye issues:

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has long been used both as a medicinal oil and for cleaning products. It’s known for strong antibacterial and antiviral properties, as well as being a useful treatment against pests. Fleas and lice, in particular, hate tea tree oil and try to avoid it.

Bergamot Oil

Bergamot oil is a citrus-based oil that gives off a sweet, orange-like aroma. A few experiments have shown that bergamot oil can have a profound effect on germs when used in vapor form through diffusion. Adding this to your diffuser or using it topically in the facial area is a great way to give germs a run for their money.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus is used in many commercial chest rubs to help offset the effects of cold and flu season. It has a powerful, pungent vapor that has antiviral properties, making it a must-have for DIY natural remedies and diffusers in the home.

Handle with Care

Safety is a top priority when using essential oils around the eyes. Furthermore, as many of these oils are potent, it’s also vital to keep them stored away from kids and pets. Handle essential oils with care, and you’ll love the results.


Essential Oils Safe To Use Around Eyes
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