epidural space

Epidural Space

What is Epidural space? What is the role it plays in human body? it’s importance and health problems associated with it. Lets get know its details.

About Epidural Space

The epidural space is the area between the dura mater and the vertebral wall containing fat and some blood vessels. This space is located just outside the dural sac which surrounds the nerve roots and is filled with cerebrospinal fluid. Epidural space is an outer part of the spinal canal. The epidural space has possibilities of developing epidural abscesses, Infections that can impair neurological function.

Epidural space is a medical route of administering drugs or contrast agents and also epidural anesthesia. It is a potential space, as the majority of the dura is in contact with the walls of the vertebral canal.

The epidural space has its widest point (5mm) at L2 which exists between dura and ligamentum flavum and composed of fat, lymphatics, and an extensive venous plexus. Superiorly space emerges to the foramen magnum where dura attached to the base of the skull and ends at the sacral hiatus.

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The epidural space can be entered in the Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, or Sacral regions to provide anesthesia. Epidural space is widest in the midline below the junction of the lamina and it narrows laterally.

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Epidural Space
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