Best Ways to Find Doctors in Wollongong

Best Ways to Find Doctors in Wollongong

It is important when moving to a new area that you register with a local doctor. They will be the first port of call should you or any of your family fall ill, or if you need help and advice on chronic conditions. You’ll need a doctor to authorize your prescriptions, too, and they can also be helpful in other situations. Should you need a referral to a consultant or specialist your doctor will be the person to go to in order to obtain it. There are many doctors in Wollongong working at different practices, each serving a particular area of the region, so which do you choose?

Firstly, if you are new to the area you may want to use a search engine to get a list of local doctors in the immediate and surrounding area. If you simply want to move from one doctor to another, perhaps because you are not satisfied with your current one or maybe he or she has retired or moved, then this is also a good first step. It helps to keep a doctor local as that will make life easier for you and the family.

If you are new to Australia you may want to learn more about the Australian health system and how it works, plus what it costs and any insurance packages you may need to take on. There is plenty of information at that link that should have you fully informed in no time at all, and ready to being your search for a doctor. Let’s have a look at what you need to consider when looking for a doctor in and around Wollongong and the surrounding area.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor

As mentioned above it is best to start with a quick local web search which should give you a list of your options and your distance from the surgery. Next, we recommend you ask family, friends, work colleagues and neighbors if they have a recommendation for doctors in the area. You will usually find that people stay loyal to a doctor for good reason, so someone informing you of a doctor that they prefer above all others should be listened to and considered, as they clearly have a relationship that is important and involves adequate trust.

Just in case you happen to be a tourist or visiting Australia and need a doctor this link includes information for tourists and visitors about getting to see a medical professional if you are not an Australian citizen, and rest assured that they will do all they can to accommodate you whatever your condition.

Now that you’ve decided upon a few doctors that you might choose we recommend you organize an initial appointment where you can spend time with the doctor, get to know them and observe how the surgery is run. Ideally, you want one that operates smoothly and calmly, with an atmosphere you feel calm within. Here are a few questions to ask:

  • Where and when did the doctor study and qualify, and do they have any areas of speciality?
  • How are they with treating children should your family need attention?
  • How long have they served the area and what is their status within the practice?
  • Do they have a set list of fees and are there any extras?
  • Do they have links with the local hospitals in case of emergencies?

These are just a few simple questions that should give you an idea of the doctor, the surgery and how they work. More important is that you get to know the person a little and take the time to gauge whether or not you feel comfortable with them and that they can be trusted. A doctor is a confidant in which you will be putting your innermost secrets in some instances and needs to be someone you are not embarrassed when talking about possibly intimate medical problems that may arise.

Follow this routine a few times and the have a look back at the impression you gained from each visit, and then you can make an educated decision as to which doctor will be the best one for you when you are living in Wollongong.

Final Words

It should be added that on worldwide scale the standard of health care in Australia is extremely high and all medical professionals are expected to qualify to a set level to be able to practice. Once you find a doctor you can trust and feel comfortable with you simply need to register with them – they will advise you as to the correct procedure – and you are then on that doctor’s list for the future. It pays to take the time as advised to find the right local doctor for your family and you.


Best Ways to Find Doctors in Wollongong
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