Apophyseal Joint

Apophyseal Joint

What is Apophyseal joint, Get to know about Apophyseal joint and its role and importance our body, health conditions associated with it, and about diagnosis.

About Apophyseal joint

Apophyseal joint commonly referred as the facet, or zygapophyseal Joints. It is a synovial joint between the superior articular process of one vertebra and the inferior articular process of the vertebra directly above it. There are two apophyseal joints in each spinal segment.

The apophyseal joints are placed middle of the pedicle and lamina of the same vertebra and forms pillars that helps to provide structural stability to the vertebral column as a whole. The symmetrical synovial lined joints that have a fibrous capsule and connect the apophyseal joints of the vertebra.

The apophyseal joints are kept fixed in position by the posterior ligamentous complex. Apophyseal joints, both superior and inferior are aligned in such a way to permit flexion, extension, and control rotation, mostly at the lumbar spine.

Formation of the synovial fluid within the apophyseal joints are responsible for the popping sound (crepitus ) commonly known as “cracking the back). Apophyseal joints can undergo degenerative changes particularly arthritis or arthropathy, which can be diagnosed by physical examination, and advanced imaging such as MRI and CT By specialist physician.

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    Apophyseal Joint
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