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ACL Tear – Q&A with Dr Satish Reddy

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An injury to ACL is one of the most common sports injuries, in particular when a person is engaged in any high-contact sports such as soccer, basketball etc. ACL injury can be of different severity or grades, and the treatment may vary based on various factors. Recently our team got together with Dr. Satish Reddy, a highly experienced Orthopedic surgeon who has handled thousands of ACL injury cases in over 20 plus years of practice. Here are the most common questions people have about ACL injury and its treatment, with answers provided by Dr. Satish Reddy.

1. Can ACL heal without surgery?

ACL does not heal without surgery. In some patients it can be compensated by the action of muscles around the knee joint, thereby avoiding surgery.

2. What’s happens to an untreated torn ACL?

If the patient’s muscles don’t compensate for the loss of ACL, the patient develops instability of the knee, leading to secondary injuries within the knee, there is a chance of early onset of osteoarthritis. The torn ACL scars up and lies in the joint.

3. How much does an ACL surgery cost in India?

The cost of any surgery depends on the implants, which are available from 5000 to 50000 for each knee. Will need to discuss with the surgeon regarding pros and cons. Also, the cost of hospital expenditure varies from hospital to hospital, the reason being the facilities provided and the status of the operation rooms. The procedure can cost anywhere from about 80,000 to a couple of lakhs.

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4. Does a torn ligament require surgery?

Depends on the ligaments, any muscles ends as a ligament, and the importance can vary from part to part.

5. Which graft is good for ACL reconstruction?

The commonest are autografts, i.e harvested from our own body. Patellar tendon and hamstring tendons are commonly used. Allografts i.e harvested from cadavers are also available.

6. Does a grade 2 ACL tear require surgery?

Grading is immaterial, it is only a radiological finding, the presence of instability is an important factor.

7. What is the recovery time after ACL surgery?

Patients can do activities of daily living immediately after surgery, but the rehabilitation period lasts for 4 to 6 months. There will be restrictions on certain activities for that period.

8. Can I run after ACL reconstruction surgery?

Good surgery and proper rehabilitation can restore a professional sports career also, there is no need to worry about activities after ACL surgery.

9. How long does it take to completely recover from partial ligament tear?

Again it depends on the ligament and the part involved, usually, it takes about 6 weeks for the inflammation to come down and swelling to subside.

10. Why do my knees make noise?

Noise alone without pain is sometimes seen in normal people, noise associated with pain is pathological, this needs to be examined by a doctor to find out the reason.

Dr. Satish Reddy is an experienced Orthopedic surgeon associated with Aster Prime HospitalsDr. Satish Reddy is an experienced Orthopedic surgeon associated with Aster Prime Hospitals, with special expertise in handling sports and trauma cases. He has successfully performed thousands of ligament reconstruction surgeries over more than 20+ plus years of practice and helped many more patients rehabilitate successfully with non-surgical, conservative means where suitable. Dr. Satish is highly approachable and believes in providing as much information as possible to the patients so they feel comfortable about the suggested treatment options.

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ACL Tear - Q&A with Dr Satish Reddy
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