6 Signs You Need Emergency Dental Care

6 Signs You Need Emergency Dental Care

Dental care is one of those very fields of the medical world that in many cases, needs immediate attention. Ignoring it can turn curable diseases into incurable ones or uprooting a tooth.

Hence it is always important that you detect the issue and without any delay head towards a dentist for further and proper diagnosis.

Dental issues can be both serious and mild, which is why even though some can be delayed for a selected time, others need the help of emergency dentists.

There are some direct as well as indirect symptoms which necessarily needs immediate treatment, the major 6 signs, which are the symptoms of such emergency issues are as follows:

Experiencing continuous headache:

Normal headaches are very common, but in case, it turns out to be chronic and hits back quite frequently that also without any particular cause then definitely there is something else that has gone wrong.

And since the head and teeth are connected then there are chances this is the signal for some jaw or gum pain or in few cases can also be the symptom for bruxism. Such signs must never be taken lightly and should be immediately consulted with a dentist.

Suffering from lingering tooth pains:

If you have been undergoing sudden and persisting aches in one or two particular teeth, then it is very obvious that you need a dentist.

Toothaches aren’t very endurable but even if yours is in the initial stage always keep in mind that these are the symbols of many serious dental illnesses and thus visiting a dentist is the only option you’ll have.

Not being able to feel a tooth:

Numb teeth are the worst thing that can ever happen. If you stop experiencing previous tooth pain, don’t wait for a worse case, rush to a dentist immediately.

This means that the infection has gone deep down to your root nerves which might help in spreading to other places. Numb teeth are the trickiest; they might seem to have cured, but in reality, is working to cause more damage.

Infected with dental cavity:

Dental cavities are the most dangerous; allowing them to grow can cost you a lot. They are the major identification sign for issues like a dental abscess.

Dental Abscess is a type of infection that gets introduced from untreated tooth cavities from the root area of the teeth. It causes extreme almost intolerable pain in the particular area along with associated sections of the gum as well.

Reasonless tiredness and fatigue:

Experiencing certain weakness after a long and exhausting day is fine enough, but if you are feeling tired now and then yet have done nothing as such, then some oral infection might be the actual reason behind it.

It means that your body is trying to heal some dental damage which is why you are draining out energy and hence reaching out to a doctor for assurance is the best option.

Having often gum bleeding:

Bleeding gums are another most common symptom of dental emergencies. Especially if you notice that your gum majorly starts to bleed just after you have brushed or flossed then definitely you should be heading to your dentist for immediate attention.

Gum bleeds are a known sign of gum diseases, gingivitis, and an illness needing instant dental care. Ignored bleeding gums become an absolute option for many other diseases.


These are the major conditions that need instant attention from a professional emergency dental doctor.

Others may be swollen jaw, damaged, chipped or cracked tooth, sores, and lesions, etc. but with any of these six showing up you need to reach out to medical assistance at once.


6 Signs You Need Emergency Dental Care
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