7 Wrong Reasons Why People Avoid Knee Replacement

Assumptions about knee replacement surgery

Last updated: 18th June, 2018  Total Knee Replacement is a surgical procedure that remains the only alternative when the knee joints become severely damaged due to disease or trauma. At HealthClues, we are contacted for a second opinion by many patients who have been advised to undergo knee replacement surgery and need a second opinion In […]

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Oxinium Knee Replacement

Last updated: 26th October, 2018  In the year 2003, Smith & Nephew introduced Oxinium™ or oxidized zirconium implants for joint replacement surgeries like total hip arthroplasty and total knee arthroplasty.1 The company has been awarded the prestigious ASM International 2005 Engineering Materials Achievement Award for the development of Oxinium, or Oxidized Zirconium for use as a […]

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